Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

I know, I know, I also think it’s funny that I just posted about moving to Washington, but this post is about Bears Ears. I should be out exploring my new home instead of my old one, but as most people from Utah will tell you—sometimes you can’t resist the call of the desert.

If Bears Ears sounds familiar to you it’s because it has made national news because Utah Governor Gary Herbert has asked the Trump Administration to rescind its national monument status, granted by President Obama under the Antiquities Act of 1906, despite Native American and public outcry in order to auction off land to oil and gas interests in the private sector.

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La Verkin, Utah , Zion National Park & Landing in New Places

Wow so, I apologize for the lack in updates and cool places. Life has a way of throwing all-or-nothing times at you when you least expect it. The biggest of which? I am now officially a Seattleite! One of my goals for 2017 was move to a new place, and although I didn’t expect everything to happen so quickly, I’m proud of myself for making a cross-country move completely on my own. While, Utah will always be my home, my main squeeze and the love of my life, I now have a vastly different landscape to explore—complete with an unfamiliar climate, and new challenges to face once I’m out and about.

Before I took off for my new life, I had the opportunity to take one last camping trip to the mother of all desert National Parks: Zion. I’ve been to Zion multiple times, but as anyone who has been there will tell you, there’s a lot to take in. Each place that you encounter is breathtaking (both figuratively and sometimes literally) so it definitely warrants multiple visits. And, like always, Cash the poodle was with us, so there were only a few places we could stay.  We opted to stay in the teeny, tiny town of La Verkin. This was definitely one of the better ideas that we’ve had as La Verkin, or more specifically, the La Verkin Overlook, offered some truly spectacular views, prime camping, fairly easy accessibility and close proximity to Zion. I don’t think we could’ve picked a better spot. Not to mention that watching the sun rise over the red rocks and canyons always makes me emotional.

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Killyon Canyon

This winter and spring, I’ve made it a goal of mine to go on more dog-friendly hikes. My room mate has the most amazing standard poodle named Cash. And since said room mate has been overwhelmed with her crazy job trying to make it in the restaurant business, I’ve made it my personal mission to take Cash with me on as many hikes and outdoor places as I can. Now, Utah is a great place to own a pup, but there are a ton of places dogs are not allowed to visit. For example, dogs are not allowed any outdoor area that is close to a watershed—for obvious reasons, in any state or national parks, or if the land is privately owned and has decided that they don’t want dogs on their trail. These regulations, surprisingly, limit the places dogs are allowed.


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Fifth Water/Diamond Fork Hot Springs

I’ve been meaning to go to Fifth Water/ Diamond Fork Hot Springs for a while now, ever since I realized how much geothermal activity there is in Utah. The reason for my hesitation? It’s a 2.5 mile hike to get to the springs, close to 10 in the winter and I’d have to snowshoe in. I know, I know, two and a half miles is NOT far, and given the popularity of the area—especially families—the hike itself isn’t hard. But true to my former outdoor-hating self, I consistently chose anywhere that I could drive directly up to. However also realizing that the best places were probably ones that I had to work the hardest to get to. And of course, my new, adventurous self was right. The deeper you go, the better the views are, after all.

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Hello, hello! My name is Allison and I am a 27-year-old traveling and tea drinking fanatic currently hunkered down in gorgeous Salt Lake City. I am a professional writer and amateur photographer, and this will serve as some sort of balance between the two. I look forward to getting to know fellow Utahns and travelers alike—let’s all coexist in the beauty of nature while we ride out this crazy thing called life.


And, in case you were wondering, the photo was taken at Bonneville Salt Flats!